The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) was formed by Sony in 2003 and has over 250 alliance members in its trade organization. This non-profit group has the goal of making standards-based technology easier for people to use music, videos, and digital photos. Various technological devices that are DLNA certified are capable of connecting with other digital equipment, and they operate from a home’s network, whether it is wired or wireless. Devices that are DLNA certified will work together, regardless of their manufacturer or brand. The DLNA logo on a product guarantees that the device is ready to “Connect and enjoy,” DLNA’s goal for digital living.

Digital living is a step up in the technological world. At this time, many devices have remarkable abilities to do many things, but they work independently. When they are interconnected, a whole new world of technological advancement comes into existence because the devices have many additional functions when they work together. Photos that are stored on a PC can be shown on a wide screen television if products are DLNA certified without first burning them onto a DVD and them showing them on a TV via a DVD player. DLNA products can communicate through the home network so that the photos can automatically be shown on the TV.

DLNA has established guidelines that alliance members must pass to be certified as a guarantee that the product can work with other certified products, regardless of their brand. Whether a person has two or ten devices, all can be connected to work together. If a movie is on a cell phone, a certified TV can find the movie and show it on its screen. If you have a TV show or movie that was recorded on your DVR, you can send it to another TV in your home with interconnected DLNA certified devices. Beforehand, the only way to watch the recorded program or movie was on the TV connected to the DVR.

The new capabilities of technological devices associated to music are also greatly improved when they are interconnected. Previously, if you wanted to hear songs recorded on one device, you had to burn CDs to play on another piece of equipment. With DLNA certified products, this is not necessary because PC based DLNA media server will automatically send the music to another piece of equipment when commanded to do so. If you want to take music with you, it is easy to send songs stored on your PC to your mobile phone. It is even possible to order photos to print from a cell phone when both printer and phone are DLNA certified.

DLNA certified products are already on the market, and many more are predicted to be available soon. The DLNA website offers a product search where consumers can check to see if their current devices are certified. If they are considering buying any new equipment, such as a camcorder, the site allows searches to see which devices are currently being sold that have the certification. DLNA is a non-profit organization, so they do not directly manufacture or sell products. They simply serve as an information site to educate those interested in transferring their home into a place where using digital equipment is simplified and interconnected. Some of the well-known manufacturers of equipment that is certified are Dell, Canon, Cisco, DIRECTV, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, and many more. These digital products are sold in discount stores, specialty stores, and online. Affiliate companies must pay a $10,000 fee to join DLNA as well as an annual fee of $10,000. As more and more consumers look for certified products that have interconnection capabilities, major companies and smaller businesses will soon produce the majority of their products to be DLNA certified.